We are READY to take care individual differences or different backgrounds

There is no discrimination on the basis of sex, creeds, deno-mination, status, color, place of residence, students' calibre and the like. Our happiness is to explore our students' weak-ness and to find out its solutions.

Join Class XI & XII here! Enjoy what have been installed, practiced and modulated. IT-based teaching and learning have been put forward to attain modernized ones.

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Welcome to Khawbung Higher Secondary School

Khawbung Higher Secondary School was established under the public resolutions passed by the Khawbung village community on January, 23, 2009 (Friday Night). The resolutions are as reads: 1. Higher Secondary School should be established at our village and prompt actions should also be taken. 2. Let the name be Khawbung Higher Secondary School which would be subjected to change when the Managing Board feels it necessary. 3. The Managing Board be set up in which VC Members and the Presidents of NGOs in the village would be permanent member by whom the other committee members should be appointed promptly. The terms of the appointed member will be 1 year. 4. The Public Meeting had vested all the powers to the Managing Board.

The School was declared open by Pu Lalrohlua, BDO, Khawbung RD Block on April 14, 2009 at 7:30 AM and then classes were started after Morning Meal.
The present School building was constructed under Border Area Development Program 2009 - 2010 that of Khawbung RD Block. The amount sunctioned for the School building was Rs 10 lakhs for the first phase and Rs 8 lakhs for on-going.

Khawbung Higher Secondary School gave an importance to co-curricular activities as: - 1. Study Tour 2. Jungle Game 3. Sports & Games 4. Work Education 5. IT related activities.



Certain co-curricular activities of our school have been linked by the following buttons.

KHSS Study Tour
at Rih Lake

KHSS Sight-Seeing
at Hlakungpui Mual

Tuichangral HSS Games

KHSS Adventure
Rock Caves at Puanvawrh


Khawbung Higher Secondary School gave an importance to co-curricular activities listed below:

  • Study Tour: As being compulsory to geog-practical, sight-seeing & study tour are used collaborated.
  • Jungle Game: Activities carried out in a country/jungle are of our habitual programs.
  • Sports & Games: Competing with other HSS's and Weekly Sports activities are common.
  • Work Education: Clearing, terracing, planting and sowing seeds make the students efficient.
  • IT related activities: Typing competition with TyperShark and Hardware & Software puzzling


Statistics & Reports

KHSS Monthly Report


Weather Forecast

The hourly weather forecast for Khawbung Village is being seen in left image button given below:

Weather Statistics for the whole year is also shown in right image button given below:

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Students, KHSS

Thatís really nice. We are proud of it.

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